Hello, Emergency Services…

…which service do you require?

Are you a member of the Police, the Fire & Rescue or the Ambulance services?

Or perhaps you’re one of the rarer breeds – bomb disposal expert?

If you’re not a member, you might not know that there are a lot of roles that make up the front-line emergency services we know and love.  Ever heard of a BASICS doctor or know what they do?

Here’s where you find out.

We want to be an interactive community, so please feel free to send us audio, video, photographs and your guest posts. Even if it’s a thought or suggestion, we’d love to hear from you.

Here are three central themes to begin with to give you an idea:

  • What the job means to you… (stresses, strain, satisfaction!)
  • What kind of a community you have within your working life… (do you socialise with them outside of hours/are you close?)
  • What the role means to you & the future… (do you always feel ‘on duty’ when you’re walking down the street? Have you been on the receiving end of your own service?)

Email either Nick or Elie direct, or fill out our lovely contact form.  And don’t forget to keep commenting!

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