The Stories of Working Firefighters

Continuing on from the first interview I did with Pat Utting at Southwark Station (found here) I have been talking to a range of firefighters from different backgrounds asking them about their experiences on the job. These two gentlemen  are from Southgate Fire Station.

An older man sits down in front of me, he is tall, slim and in shape ( what you would expect for a firefighter).He is initially very quiet and almost tentative about his experiences, but eventually starts to talk.  Richard Goulds spent 15 years as an operational firefighter in Holloway and then taught for 13 years. He taught firefighters young and old how to drive fire engines. Now he is waiting to be signed off to be an operational firefighter again in Southgate

Richard Goulds interview part 1

Mr Goulds talks a little bit about what he had to do in his training to be a firefighter. He also mentioned how satisfying it was to watch people achieve their goals when he was a teacher. 

Richard goulds training experiences

Richard went on to talk about a difficult call and how there is only so much you can do for those in need. 

Richard Goulds interview part 3 experiences

I asked him what his most positive memory of doing his job was and he didn’t even hesitate with this response.

Richard Goulds positive experiences

Finally what started out as routine call and turned into something far more dramatic and dangerous!

Richard Goulds interview weird call

Steve Griffiths is a young firefighter, he has been working as an operational firefighter for three years. I asked him about the training he had to go through and the nerves of having to do his first call !

Steve Griffiths interview


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