The Hillsborough Report

The Hillsborough Report has finally come out, although I doubt this is the end of this tragic affair.

What has been found is shocking to say the lease. The panel discovered that the police had altered more than 160 witness statements in attempt to lay the blame for the disaster on the fans not the incompetence of the police. 

The Hillsborough Panel has also reported that crowd safety was “compromised at every level”. More shockingly they panel has also argued that 41 of the 96 who died could have actually survived. Not unsurprisingly this has prompted fresh inquests.

The panel also found out the source of the now notorious Sun newspaper story ( it claimed that the fans had pissed and thrown things at rescue workers as well as robbed the dead and injured). The story came from a  “local Sheffield press agency informed by several SYP officers, an SYP Police Federation spokesperson and a local MP (Sir Irvine Patnick)”. (BBC News website)

Prime Minister David Cameron and former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie have leapt into apology mode (better late than never I suppose) and their have been calls for a criminal investigation into the police handling of the affair.

The BBC has published a list of the key findings from the report found here. It’s worth a read to get a true sense of the disaster and the cover up.

The full Hillsborough report can also be found online here.

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