Ambulance Injuries: mapped!

Following Nick Stylianou‘s revelations last week that there was an average of 100 injuries a month to ambulance workers across London, we’ve mapped the data to each ambulance station.

The largest number of injuries was recorded at Whipps Cross ambulance station, with 256. The next highest, however, was Romford with 233 injuries since 2008.

Romford’s ambulance station is near Queen’s Hospital, and is less than three miles away from St George’s Hospital, Hornchurch. Hornchurch, however, had only 37 recorded injuries.

Another interesting comparison is in Enfield, North London: Chase Farm Hospital ambulance station has recorded 105 injuries to staff, but 2.4 miles away at the Ponders End station, there have been just 20 injuries over three years.

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  1. It seems a natural decision to map these injuries – but does the map tell a story? I don’t think it does. So be prepared to ditch that and try something else – how about classifying them by a higher level, e.g. PCT? Or the type of accident (if you have that data)? Has each station had only 1 accident? That’s what this map suggests – so perhaps colour code by amount (which might show a pattern).

    Finally, make sure you add some context in the blog post itself – don’t expect users to work it out for themselves: they look to you to help guide that.

  2. Will Roe says:

    I’m not sure what the bottom two maps are meant to signify, but I think the first map could be a lot better if you could change the size of the dots to indicate how many accidents happen in a particular area! So for instance if Whipps Cross has the highest amount it would be good if it was obvious on the graph, ie. a larger circle than the others. Otherwise you are just purely pointing out geographical locations which seem evenly spread across London, not that interesting!

    Great site though guys, keep the posts comin!!

  3. I like the map, but I wish the circles were bigger for bigger amounts of injuries. I have to click on each marker to see the data. I’m a busy guy, and I’m not sure I have time to do that. wait…..

    Nope, definitely don’t have time.

    Also, it’d be nice to see how many people work at each station too.

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