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Cutbacks to the Police – Front line officers face the axe

Nearly 6,000 frontline officers will be removed in the next three years the Government’s latest budget cuts have shown. A long with this loss of  officers, 179 police stations will be removed and one in five will lose their front counters according to a report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). What is worrying is

The Privatisation of the Police Force?

On a lighter note this month. I came across this Fry and Laurie sketch on Youtube and I thought it was rather worryingly relevant given the threats of privatisation that not only the police face but a number of other emergency services. I don’t own this clip ( well I own a copy of the

So you want to be Sarah Lund…well you can’t!

Being female a police office is statistically one of the most difficult careers to get into, add being of an ethnic minority and the odds decrease even further. I found this when looking at the statistics of how many women were hired, fired and promoted in the police force. For full details of the post

The Hillsborough Report

The Hillsborough Report has finally come out, although I doubt this is the end of this tragic affair. What has been found is shocking to say the lease. The panel discovered that the police had altered more than 160 witness statements in attempt to lay the blame for the disaster on the fans not the

The Hillsborough Disaster

As a new report on the notorious Hillsborough disaster is soon to come out looking at the tragic events that day and the behaviour of one of the key emergency services i.e. the police I though that it would be worth looking over the event itself if only to reminder us of what must never

Women In The Force?… What A Notion!

Women and their role in the police continues to be a source of controversy in the force. Ellie Mae O’Hagan wrote in The Guardian recently about the problems of women in the police force  and the worries over the return of the ‘macho culture’ of previous times as well as the worries of current officers who cannot get promoted.

So you want to be Sarah Lund?

Sarah Lund, serious faced, dysfunctional and intelligent has been hailed as “the” female detective in the Danish television series The Killing. She is one of few women police officers seen in the fictional world of popular culture. If you want to be Sarah Lund in the real world and in the UK, what are your

Met Commissioner at City: Live-Blog!

To watch the entire event as live, click here.

Exercise Forward Defensive: Audio Slideshow

For two days, London’s combined emergency response force staged a large-scale training exercise simulating a terror attack during the Olympic Games. Featuring all of the emergency services, as well as specialist transport divisions, the huge rescue and containment operation was deemed to be a success by Home Secretary Theresa May. With a press presence and