So you want to be Sarah Lund…well you can’t!

Being female a police office is statistically one of the most difficult careers to get into, add being of an ethnic minority and the odds decrease even further. I found this when looking at the statistics of how many women were hired, fired and promoted in the police force. For full details of the post see So you want to be Sarah Lund.

It fascinated me to read about a survey found here in The Guardian suggesting that four out of ten female police officers have considered quitting the force. This is because those few women who are in the police force are so dis-illusioned with the profession that they are contemplating leaving it. According to the article has produced huge morale outrage and worry in many circles. Lord Stevens who is heading the investigation into further policing said “These figures are very alarming. It may be that while addressing issues of ethnicity following the Stephen Lawrence case we have taken our eye off the ball on issues of gender,”

One of the key reasons cited for low morale amongst female officers was lack of opportunities for women particularly if they are pregnant or returning to work after having a child.

The reforms to the service also came up as a reason for the many concerns particularly changes to pensions and the ever increasing involvement of the private sector.

The commission which created this reported conducted an online survey in May of more than 30 000 serving female officers. The evidence in the article does not reflect well on the force 42% said they has seriously considered leaving while only 20% said they were happy with the way things were.

More on women in the police soon

If you’re a woman in the police force and have a story to tell us please email or message us or tweet as @helloemergency

UPDATE 27/01/3

The Guardian appears to have finally caught onto our story over the dreadful odds facing both women and those from an ethnic minority background who are joining the police force or trying to progress through the ranks.

The Guardian describes the issue as a ‘diversity crisis’ at the top and a result a new law should be brought in to tackle the problem i.e. recruiting from more diverse communities.  For the full article have a look here.

Well done Guardian – you caught on eventually !

UPDATE 30/01/13

The Guardian‘s Hugh Muir has produced a piece questioning why there are so few black police officers on the career ladder and asks here where have all the promises of diversity gone?

UPDATE 03/02/13

A letter on Britain’s first black police officer has appeared here in The Guardian today. As a lover of history I thought I would share it with you. The letter points out that Britain’s first ever black police officer was way back in 1837 – a John Kent who worked in Carlisle. Who knew the road to diversity had been so very long? 

UPDATE 04/02/13

Chief superintendent Dal Babu has quit the police force has served for the last thirty years because he was rejected for Chief Officer rank. What does this say about the police that guards our streets? For the full story click here.

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